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Caught in Life's Stressful Balancing Act?

Do These secret Everyday Struggles Sound Familiar?

physical & mental disharmony

Struggling with premature aging, mystery pains, constant fatigue, digestion issues, weight gain/loss, overwhelming anxiety, mood swings or all of the above?

Scattered Priorities

Feel like you’re giving half-hearted efforts everywhere as balancing work, family, and self often leaves you feeling stretched thin and incomplete?

Fading Bonds

Missing out on deep connections with your partner and meaningful moments with your children? Is stress stealing the joy from all your relationships, leaving you isolated and misunderstood?


Integrative Health Practitioner

Hi, I'm Kristie

I understand your struggle because I’ve been there too, prioritizing my family’s net worth over what I call ‘Well Worth.’ While net worth is the total financial wealth of an individual or family, well worth is the essential wealth of health encompassing physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of a person or family. 

Building your well worth ensures you can enjoy the fruits of your labor-your Net worth-and live a vibrant and fulfilling life!

I’ve walked alongside and held the hands of countless career-driven mothers sacrificing their well worth, facing the same challenges as you, including some of my closest family, friends, and colleagues. I’ve witnessed the silent battles and empathized with dreams hindered by stress and the overwhelming burden of poor health, ignored and worsening with each passing year. I’ve witnessed the limits it imposes, the moments missed with loved ones, the passed-over job opportunities, and the toll it takes on their spirit and quality of life.
But here’s what I’ve also witnessed:
I’ve witnessed incredible healing and transformation!
I’ve witnessed these women, just like you, reclaim their ‘Well Worth,’ revitalize their lives and fully enjoy their net worth. I’ve witnessed them stop going through the motions in a zombie-like state and rediscover their vitality.

and i want the same for you!

Dedicated to healing, I’ve spent my life overcoming physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. Driven by the question, how do I do this thing called life with the least amount of suffering possible, while helping as many others as I can along the way, I discovered the importance of ‘Well Worth’—integrating mind, body, and soul to thrive and enjoy a purposeful life.  As I stand on the shoulders of the greatest past and present minds in integrative health, I’ve uncovered the most effective, efficient, and scientifically-proven path to sustainable well-being—even if you don’t like kale, haven’t been to the gym in years, and are a busy or active mom struggling to find time to wash your hair, let alone dedicate to your health.

I don’t just offer expertise; I offer a non-judgmental, safe space for you to receive support from exactly where you are.

Together, we can uncover the roots of your debilitating health symptoms and create the balance your mind, body, and soul deserve. By harmonizing your professional ambitions with your personal life, you can achieve remarkable success without sacrificing your health, your relationships with your partner or children, or your dreams of where you want to be in your career, or even the beach vacation you keep adding to your vision board each year. You can look and feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life, savor precious moments with your family, revel in your career, and lead a truly fulfilling life.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, your mind is clear, and the weight of yesterday’s stress is gone. You step into your kitchen, excited to start your day, not dreading it. The morning rush doesn’t faze you anymore because you’ve reclaimed your energy, your  joy and your life!

Rediscover the simple joy of feeling good, every single day.

Your dream of vibrant health and balance can be a reality! 

 It’s just a phone call away!

beginner Program

StartHER Wellness journey

Life can feel like a never-ending stress battle, especially for schedule-packed, strong-willed, ambitious moms like yourself. Stressors pile up from:

  • The everyday family routine stress
  • The entrepreneurial career or ladder-climbing stress
  • The extended family and friends drama stress
  • The physical wear and tear stress
  • The mental strain and exhaustion stress
  • The spiritual drainage and attack stress
  • The indoor and outdoor toxic environmental stress
  • The diet and exercise stress
  • The adverse childhood experiences stress
  • The being a woman in a man’s world stress

And let’s not forget the daily minor changes caused by those stressors that can sometimes turn into full-blown life attacks that can throw your day completely off such as:

  • The hundreds of grey hairs that have sprouted overnight
  • The hormonal changes that cause mood swings and hot flashes out of nowhere
  • The weight gain that now seems to stay even after your red friend is gone
  • The loss of glow or elasticity in your face and skin
  • The brain fog taking 10 minutes to remember what you went into the next room for
  • The loss of libido you never thought would decline
  • The sporadic lash-outs then feeling remorse, loneliness, or completely misunderstood
  • The constant fatigue you just can’t seem to shake

It’s Overwhelming!

But here's the thing: I specialize in helping incredible women just like you!

My purpose is to help you break the cycle of poor health, anxiety, and exhaustion so that you can actually enjoy the life you’ve created. I want to guide you out of this overwhelming whirlwind. Together, we’ll find a path to peace, strength, and well-being. It’s not about creating some unattainable perfect routine – it’s about being realistic and empowering you to regain control, find balance, and thrive exactly where you are right now.


"no more fatigue, brain fog, digestive pains, weight gain, crippling anxiety or sporadic anger-spilling interactions..."

Imagine waking up feeling energized and mentally clear, ready to handle your day and anything life throws your way. Picture supporting yourself throughout the day with the tools you’ve acquired to balance your body, mind, and soul, no matter what is going on around you or what crisis you’re suddenly made to prevent or clean up. No more fatigue, brain fog, digestive pains, weight gain, or anger-spilling interactions – just a vibrant, more fulfilling life; embracing a truly balanced lifestyle starting exactly where you are now. That’s the life I want for you because you deserve vibrant health, mental clarity, and connections with your family, friends, and colleagues that truly fill your heart.

"waking up each day with unparalleled clarity, boundless energy, and an overwhelming sense of well-being is possible!"

Begin your StartHER Wellness Journey – transform your life with small impactful changes that enhance your ‘Well Worth’ today! 

begin building your well worth

Embark on this      transformative journey to:

   *If weight loss is desired.

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